mg企业是一家在国内提供高端mg成品、设计测量、安装护理等综合性服务的mg整装公司。目前在国内外拥有荒料贸易和精装定制等多家分支机构。主营的常规板材有:莎安娜及各种高端灰白色系。下品牌之“奢石空间”,是公司全力打造的国内专注做mg整装的大型服务平台。公司另一品牌“奢居汇”是将mg与家具配饰结合的跨行业平台。 公司的发展战略是:立足水头中国mg之都,做强做大闽浙市场。目前公司在福建拥有“精品工程运营中心”及“奢石空间”体验馆等网络:在浙江拥有温州、台州、绍兴、丽水、嘉兴、杭州等七个直属公司,计划每个直属公司下辖区县配置3个精装营业厅。 目标将上海奢石空间展示中心、浙江杭州营销中心、福建水头加工本部、广州佛山宝石家具研发中心等四大机构连成一线,使每个公司之间形成3小时业务运营圈,更便捷快速的对客户进行一对一的服务。

Zhongmin enterprise is a stone decoration company providing comprehensive services such as high-end stone products, design, measurement, installation and nursing in China. At present, we have many branches at home and abroad, such as raw materials trade and hardcover customization. Main conventional plate: shaana and a variety of high-end gray and white. Under the brand of "luxury stone space", is the company to create a domestic focus on stone decoration of large service platform. The company's other brand "luxury home" is a cross-industry platform combining stone and furniture accessories. < / span > < span > the company's development strategy is: based on the head of China stone, to do strongly does fujian and zhejiang market. At present, the company has a network of "boutique engineering operation center" and "luxury stone space" experience hall in fujian province. It has seven directly affiliated companies in zhejiang, such as wenzhou, taizhou, shaoxing, lishui, jiaxing and hangzhou, and plans to set up three hardcover business halls in the districts and counties under the jurisdiction of each directly affiliated company. the company's development strategy is:based on the head of China Stone Capital,stronger and stronger high-end Fujian and Zhejiang markets.At persent,the company owns a network of"Exquisite Engineering Operations Center and “LSG” esperience centers in Fujian.In Zhejiang,it owns seven direct subsidiaries of Wen